In 2010, CENAVISA diversified its business activities to include products designed for the aquaculture market.

Since then, CENAVISA has made meeting the needs and requirements of the sector a priority, and strives to provide effective top-quality products to improve the health and welfare of fish destined for human consumption.

Our aquaculture department is home to a multidisciplinary team who work in collaboration with the sector’s leading research centres, universities and specialists.

Today, thanks to CENAVISA’s firm commitment to aquaculture, CENAVISA markets and sells aquaculture products under its Aquacen product line.

CENAVISA’s plans for the future include developing and providing a wide range of specialised pharmaceutical products for fish intended to cover numerous therapeutic applications.

Aquacen Formaldehído 380 mg/ml

Aquacen Formaldehído
380 mg/ml

Aquacen Oxitetraciclina 1000 mg/g

Aquacen Oxitetraciclina
1000 mg/g